Adding Straight Line Segments

To create a Straight Line Segment, perform a single tap (do not drag) at the starting point and then again at the corresponding line end point. For example, the objective of drawing a parallelogram could be accomplished with the Path Tool.

The following screenshots and description outlines the steps required for creating a parallelogram with this tool.

  1. Select the Path Tool in the Drawing Toolbar.

  2. Tap on the drawing canvas at the location where the starting point should be established for the path. An orange handle with a white dot will appear in this specific location to signify the starting point of the path.

  3. Tap on the drawing canvas at the location where the second corner of the parallelogram will be. This action draws a line between these two set points. It also creates a second handle (orange with no dot) at the point where the first segment ends and the second one begins.

  4. Tap on the drawing canvas at the location where the third corner of the parallelogram should be. As before, the action will cause a line to be drawn from the last point to the newest point and add an orange handle to the drawing.

  5. Tap on the drawing canvas at the location where the fourth corner should be. The same end results are provided as previously discussed for this additional line segment.

  6. Two different options are available for automatically drawing the last line to connect the first point to the last (i.e. closing a path) The first option involves performing a Tap on the start point (orange handle with white dot). The second option involves performing a Triple Tap anywhere within the drawing canvas. The second choice closes the shape and exits the path tool when Sticky Mode is not enabled. Once a path has been created and selected, a few handles will be seen in addition to the path point handles created in the steps above. The blue handles are "bounds handles" that allow for shape resizing with a dragging action. The red handle is a "rotation" handle, which allows for shape rotation around it's center point.

A Double Tap in the drawing canvas results in a path as illustrated in the screenshot below.

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