Bitmap Image Panel

This panel opens when the Bitmap Image (PNG/JPEG) option is chosen from the format prompt for sharing a drawing.

Click or Tap on the name of the Bitmap Image Option to learn more about what actions occur upon selection.

Option Name Description
Image Format The Image Format option is used to select the type of image file to be created by the export (PNG or JPEG).
Image Sizing The Image Sizing option can be used to pick a preset or custom pixel size for sharing. If this option is set to Actual, the image remains at its original size.
Size The Size option shows the current width and height of the image and can be altered prior to exporting.
Scale The Scale option sets the dimension of the exported image to a specific percentage relative to the drawings actual size.
Constrain Proportions The Constrain Proportions option links the width and height when selected.
Border Type The Border Type option can be used to turn the border feature on or off for a share. Choosing None turns the border feature off while Inside and Outside are used to set the position of a border.
Border Size The Border Size option sets the size of a border within or outside of the image.
Include Grid The Include Grid option tells TouchDraw to include (or not include) the grid in the generated file.
Shift Pixels The Shift Pixels option shifts pixels half a pixel to the right and down. This is useful when you are dealing with anti-aliasing issues when lines aren't perfectly pixel aligned.
Transparent Background The Transparent Background option forces the exported image (when using PNG) to be created with a transparent background regardless of the currently selected background color.

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