Imported Image Sizing Preferences

The Imported Image Sizing Preference section contains options for reducing memory usage when images are imported into the TouchDraw Application. These preferences specifically allow for image downsizing and max image size selection to limit the amount of memory used when an image is imported into a drawing with the Image Tool.

This section is accessed by pressing on the Overflow Button located in the Top Toolbar and then pressing on the Preferences Submenu in the Overflow Menu.

Enabled preferences show the word ON with a blue background in the toggle button located to the right of the option.

Preference Name Description
Downsize Images The Downsize Images preference tells TouchDraw wether or not it should downsize images when they are imported. If it is enabled, then it will use the value of the Max Image Size value to limit the width or the height of the imported image. This option is on by default in order to limit memory usage.
Select Max Image Size The Select Max Image Size preference sets the maximum pixel size (either width or height) of imported images when the Downsize Images preference is on. This preference has a default value selection of 768 pixels; however, this value can be changed to 512,1024, or 2048 pixels when necessary.

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