Layers Preferences

The Layers Preference section contains options for application setup and operational characteristics of TouchDraw for layers. It is accessed by pressing on the Overflow Button located in the Top Toolbar and then pressing on the Preferences Submenu in the Overflow Menu.

Enabled preferences show the word ON with a blue background in the toggle button located to the right of the option.

Preference Name Description
Add Layer When Locked The Add Layer When Locked preference automatically creates another layer if a figure is added to the drawing canvas when the current layer is locked.
Layer Isolation The Layer Isolation preference isolates modifications to the currently selected layer and prevents other existing layers from being selected for editing.
Auto-Select Layer The Auto-Select Layer preference alters the currently active layer to the residing layer of a selected figure unless the layer has been locked.
Ask For New Layer Name The Ask For New Layer Name preference opens a prompt window for naming a layer any time a new layer is created.

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