Shadow and Opacity

The Shadow and Opacity Panel contains options for altering shadowing, opacity, and blending attributes of a selected figure(s). The panel will appear as shown below when the Shadow and Opacity option is selected in the Info Menu.

Click or Tap on the corresponding Shadow and Opacity Panel item name to learn more about what the option does.

Option Name Description
Shadow Visibility The Shadow Visibility option is an On/Off toggle for managing the visibility of the shadow of a figure(s). If visibility it turned off, a shadow is simply not drawn at all.
X Offset The X Offset option sets the offset of the shadow in the X axis.
Y Offset The Y Offset option sets the offset of the shadow in the Y axis.
Blur The Blur option option sets the amount of blur applied to the shadow.
Shadow Color The Shadow Color option sets the shadow color for a figure(s). The visibility toggle must be On for changes to appear in the drawing canvas.Refer to the Handling Colors section of this documentation to learn more about color attribute alterations.
Opacity The Opacity option can be used to alter the opaqueness (opposite of transparency) of a selected color.

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