The Solid fill style attribute sets the fill of a selected or any created figure(s) to a solid color and can be accessed in one of the following ways:

  1. Press on the Fill Button located in the Drawing Toolbar.

  2. Press on the Info Button to open the Info Menu.

Then press on the Fill option to open the Fill Panel.


The Fill option must be enabled for a style change to be applied to any currently selected or new figures. Once the Fill Panel has opened, perform a Tap on the On/Off toggle to enable the Fill option.


To change the Fill Type to solid:

  1. Press on the Fill Type Button and press on the Solid Color option(if not already selected).


  2. To close the Fill Panel, tap on the Hide Sidebar Button located at the bottom of the sidebar panel.

A style change will be seen instantaneously when a figure is selected. If figures have not been selected, the style change will apply to all subsequently created figures.

The following example shows a square with the Fill Style set to solid and Color set to blue:

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