Distribute Horizontally

The Distribute Horizontally option adjusts the positioning of selected figures to create an even amount of horizontal space between each figure. This option is enabled when three or more unlocked figures are selected in the Drawing Canvas. To distribute a set of figures horizontally:

  1. Select the figure(s) to be distributed horizontally.

  2. Press on the Arrangement Button in the Top Toolbar.

  3. Tap on the Distribute Horizontally option. When in landscape mode, scroll through the menu view by touching and dragging in an upward direction on the Arrangement Menu to view this option.


The following images display the positions of a selected set of figures prior to and after using the Distribute Horizontally option.


In the above example, the first and middle figures were originally 2.5 inches apart. The spacing between the middle and last figure totaled 1.5 inches. After this option has been applied, the horizontal space between each figure is adjusted to 2 inches to provide three evenly spaced figures.

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