Favorites List

The Favorites List is an alternative method for selecting a color within TouchDraw. A color created with the Color Wheel or chosen from the Color List can be added to the Favorites List for faster selection during attribute editing. Press on the Favorites Button in the Color Picker to access this feature and then tap on the desired color button to choose a hue for currently selected or new figure(s). The Color Preview Pane will show the currently selected color and changes as a new hue is selected.


Press on the Add to Favorites Button located in the upper portion of the Color Picker to add a color to the favorites list. The color will appear in the lower portion of the Color List, as shown below. In this example, a blue hue is selected from the color wheel and then added to favorites.


Perform an extended Press on a color button to remove a hue from the Favorites List. Press on the Confirm Button to complete the deletion or press on the Cancel Button to exit this action.

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