Feedback Menu

The Feedback Menu can be used to view current version information, send feedback regarding the TouchDraw application, and to access additional resources. It opens when the Feedback Button is pressed in the Top Toolbar and appears as shown below:

Click or Tap on the Feedback Menu item name to learn more about its functionality.

Option Name Description
Send Feedback The Send Feedback option opens a mail composer view for sending feedback as an email, bug report, suggestion, etc... to the TouchDraw development team without leaving the application. To determine the current version of TouchDraw on the iPad, view the title of the feedback popover. It will contain the version number of TouchDraw as shown above.
TouchDraw Website The TouchDraw Website option will launch Safari and open the TouchDraw web page at From this web page, you can find links to the latest version of this document, screenshots, frequently asked questions and additional useful content.
TouchDraw @ Facebook The TouchDraw @ Facebook option will launch Safari and open the TouchDraw fan page on Facebook. You do not need to be a member of Facebook to view this page. Facebook members can post their own content to the page (such as drawings made with TouchDraw, general comments, and questions) as well as participate in the discussion forums.
TouchDraw @ Twitter The TouchDraw @ Twitter option will launch Safari and open the TouchDraw Twitter page. Twitter is provided as another channel for the TouchDraw user community to communicate with the development team.
Documentation The Documentation option will launch Safari and open the TouchDraw Documentation web page, where the latest version of this document can be downloaded as well as other information.

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