Locking Figures

A Locked Figure is one that cannot be moved or resized until it has been unlocked. Attributes such as stroke, fill, shadow, etc... can still be manipulated on a locked figure. A minimum of one figure must be selected in order for this option to be enabled. To lock a figure(s):

  1. Select the figure(s) to be locked.

  2. Press on the Arrangement Button in the Top Toolbar.

  3. Tap on the Lock option. The unlock option will only appear in the Arrangement Menu if a set of already locked figures has been selected.

  4. The locked figures will appear as shown below.

Use the Function Key Feature to select multiple figures for locking.

A group of figures will appear as shown below when they are unlocked.

The group will appear as shown below once they have been locked.

The handles appear gray after a figure(s) or group of figures are locked. This handle attribute change serves as a visual indicator of the selected figure(s) being locked.

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