Send to Photos Submenu

The Send to Photos Submenu contains available options for publishing the current drawing (or selection) into a local photo library. It is accessed by pressing on the Export Button in the Top Toolbar and then tapping on the Send to Photos option. The Send to Photos Submenu appears as shown below:

Option Name Description
Content The Content options are used to select what will be exported: entire drawing, selected content, or selected layer.
Maximum Image Size The Maximum Image Size option shows the current width and height of the image and can be altered prior to exporting.
Shift Pixels The Shift Pixels option shifts pixels half a pixel-width toward the right.
Include Grid The Include Grid option tells TouchDraw to include (or not include) the grid in the generated file.
Zoom Up To Fit The Zoom Up To Fit option scales the current drawing (or selection) to fit the page.
Margin The Margin option is used to set the margin for the exported figure or drawing.

Note: If Current Selection is chosen as the content to send and no items have been selected in the Drawing Canvas, it will send the entire drawing.

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