Stroke Color

The Stroke Color of a selected figure can be changed to meet a desired preference. It can be altered for a selected figure(s) or in instances where no figures have been selected. If a figure has not been selected, the color change applies to any figure added after the change. This attribute can be altered in one of the following ways:

  1. Press on the Stroke Button located in the Drawing Toolbar.


  2. Press on the Info Button in the Top Toolbar.

    Then tap on the Stroke option to open the following popover window.


To alter the Stroke Color:

  1. Tap on the On/Off toggle slider in upper right hand corner of the Stroke Window to turn on this option. The slider will appear with a green background when this option is enabled.


  2. Next, press on the desired color selection method (Wheel, List, or Favorites). In this example, the wheel is chosen.

  3. Tap on a color range within the outside of the wheel view.

  4. Choose the desired lightness or darkness of the selected color in the center (saturation) square.


  5. Scroll through the Stroke Style options (arrowhead, dashed, solid, etc.) by touching and dragging in an upward or downward direction on a section of the wheel to make a selection or Press on additional options (opacity, line join, etc.) within the Stroke Window to make further attribute changes.

  6. Tap anywhere within the Drawing Editor to close the window.


Note: A color change will be seen instantaneously when a stroke figure is selected. If no figures have been selected, the color change will apply to all subsequently created stroke figures.

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