Text Alignment

The Text Alignment option alters the vertical and horizontal positioning of text within it's bounding box. A figure must be selected to alter the alignmentpositionof entered text. Use one of the following methods to change the text alignment for a selected figure(s):

  1. Press on the Text Button in the Drawing Toolbar.


  2. Press on the Info Button in the Top Toolbar.

    Tap on the Text option to open the following popover window.


To alter the Text Alignment:

  1. Press on one of the horizontal or vertical alignment buttons to make a selection. The currently selected alignment setting will appear in black.

  2. Press on the Info Button in the upper right hand corner to return to the Info Menuor tap anywhere within the Drawing Editor to close the window.

  3. The following example shows the alteration of text within a figure from a left horizontal alignment to a right horizontal alignment.


    The currently selected horizontal and vertical alignment choices will appear black, as shown below.

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