Usability Submenu

The Usability Submenu contains options for application setup and operational characteristics. It is accessed by pressing on the Settings Button in the Top Toolbar and then tapping on the Usability option in the Settings Menu.

Click or Tap on the corresponding Settings Option name to learn more about what the option does.

Option Name Description
Left Side The Left Side option places the vertical toolbar on the left side of the Drawing Editor. This is the default position and the natural choice for right handed users.
Right Side The Right Side option places the vertical toolbar on the right side of the screen. This is the natural choice for left handed users.
Function Lock The Function Lockoption allows the Function Key Feature to be locked. This is a useful option for maintaining the aspect ratio of multiple figures during resizing without having to hold down the toolbar. It is also a useful option for enabling the one handed operation of TouchDraw. A new button will appear in the lower left hand side of the Drawing Toolbar after the Function Lockhas been enabled, as shown below.

Perform a tap on the button to enable the Function Key Feature. The toolbar will turn black as a visual indicator that the feature is enabled just as when the Drawing Toolbar is pressed and held. Tap the function button a second time to disable the Function Key Feature.
Confirm to Close The Confirm to Close option enables a confirmation dialog to prevent an accidental exit from the Drawing Editor and to the drawing chooser. This is useful for many users who inadvertently press the Drawings Button. The confirmation dialog will only present itself if the drawing has been modified. TouchDraw will return to the Drawing Chooser without confirmation if a drawing has been viewed only and no changes were made.
Auto Correction The Auto Correction option enables or disables automatic correction as text is entered within a currently open drawing.
Auto Capitalization The Auto Capitalization option can be used to make the first value entered into the Text Editor either lower or uppercase. It automatically defaults to Off and must be turned On for the first letter to be automatically capitalized when entering text into the editor.
Curve Smoothing The Curve Smoothing option enables or disables the creation of a smooth curve when the Pen Tool is used to create a figure.
Add Layer When Locked The Add Layer When Locked option automatically creates another layer if a figure is added to the Drawing Canvas when the current layer is locked when enabled.
Auto-Select Layer The Auto-Select Layer option alters the currently active layer to the residing layer of a selected figure unless the layer has been locked.
Ask For New Layer Name The Ask For New Layer Name option opens a prompt for entering a layer name when a new layer is added to a drawing and is disabled (not selected) by default.
Layer Isolation The Layer Isolation option isolates modifications to the currently selected layer and prevents other existing layers from being selected for editing.

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