Rotate Submenu

Use the Rotate Submenu to access actions for rotating the selected figures within a drawing. When this submenu is selected within the Modify Menu, the options shown below will appear.

Click on the name of the menu item to find out more details about what action occurs when it is selected.

Menu Item Description
Rotate 90° Right The Rotate 90° Right menu item rotates a selected figure to the right by 90°.
Rotate 90° Left The Rotate 90° Left menu item rotates a selected figure to the left by 90°.
Rotate 180° The Rotate 180° menu item rotates a selected figure by 180°. The figure is flipped upside down or back to its original position depending on the number of times this selection is made.
Reset Center Rotation The Reset Center Rotation menu item is enabled when the "Center of Rotation" option in the Handles Settings popup menu is selected and has been altered on a shape. This option changes the "Center of Rotation" for a shape back to its original centered location.

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